The building

Our manufacturing plant is erected on a piece of land of 5,000 m2. The roofed surface area covers 3,620 m2 and comprises the following:

Industrial bay
Used for the base processes described under Processes in this website. It occupies a roofed surface area of 2,500 m2 and lodges 3 travelling cranes of 5 tons each.

Offices, dressing rooms and quality control laboratory
This module has been built independently, with its own flat concrete framework, enclosure walls and vertical rubble-work divisions. It covers a roofed area of 250 m2.

Raw materials bay
Used to store the raw materials duly tidied and labelled. It covers a roofed surface area of 500 m2.

Finishing bay
It's located adjacent to the production bay and covers a roofed surface area of 370 m2, with a free height of  8 meters and a side enclosure shared with the production bay, on the internal street.

Recovery bay
This is used to reclaim the sand of the industrial process to improve the productivity and to obtain an agreed clean production to the effective legislation.