We specialized in the production of pieces and devices that act different as within the armed line of.

Some of the products that we have made are: devices for forge furnaces and heat treatment; pieces of maintenance and spare parts of rotating equipment generally; trays and spare parts for furnaces of heat treatment; pieces for granalladoras, pieces for the line of armed; miscellaneous for furnaces of heat treatment in emptiness.

Some of the alloys that we have used for the developments were: ASTM A297 y ASTM A351, high-temperature steel to nickel, the wolfram, to chromium, steel with lifted mechanical resistance to the temperatures of 1000ºC, steel resistance to the chemical attacks to high temperatures, radiating tubes in superalloys for furnaces of continuous work, developed steel so that their resistance to the wearing down and the abrasion is compatible with the universal standards, for machines shoot penning.