We provide a variety with pieces, components and devices of great quality to great companies of the heading, turning us into a viable option for the substitution of imports.

Some of the products that we have made for diverse concrete plants and Argentine constructors are: trowels for mixer of asphalt of plant paving; bells and cones of craqueatoras rock machines, for the sand elaboration - with this development we have gained the National Prize to the Quality in 1997 -; spare parts of machines in all expressions, bells, supports of boxes of speeds, ends of backhoes, bells of brakes, clutches and ends of shovels frontal shippers, among others.

Some of the alloys that we have used for the developments were: ASTM A128, ASTM A297, alloys of the type Ni-Hard, alloys of network conformed by complex carbides, high resistance to the abrasion and wears away, alloys of the type Ni-Resist.