We own an ample experience in this heading producing special alloys for specific applications that adapt to the design, manufacture, armed and operation of flowed pumps under different.

Some of the products that we made for diverse factories of Argentine Pumps and the rest of the world are: provision of parts, special stainless steel pieces and elements for the manufacture of pumps for 30 years; pumps of stainless steel, resistant steel cryogenic, steel to alkalis and acids, superalloys, steel duplex, nodular, to carbon, among others; provision of components, impellers, covers, bodies, cameras, bushings of protection of axes, ring rotating, would properly support for the manufacture of pumps these and mechanical seals.

Some of the alloys that we have used for the developments are: ASTM A743, ASTM A890, ASTM A436, ASTM A439, ASTM A217,  ASTM A216, ASTM A494.

Alloys with commercial denominations: Noridur, Norihard, Whorthite, Alloy 20, Carpenter 20, Monell K, Hastelloy C, Permalloy, Durco D 10, Stelllite 6, Antinic, Alloys Base Cr, Ni , Mo , Si and  others with the structure wished by the client.