Our company provides pieces, devices and components, for exploration, extraction, processing and distribution of the derivatives of petroleum, as well as the processing of chemicals for the derived product generation.

Some of the products that we have made for diverse oil and petrochemical are: provision of pieces and supports of furnace, spare parts of pumps, alloy design for submissive containers under pressure, valves of different marks according to plane or shows, replaced of compressors, different pieces of bulk injection pumps from muds, spare parts for all type of pieces that are made by tap, and its earthy alloys.

Some alloys that we used are: ASTM A743, ASTM A890, ASTM A436, ASTM A439, ASTM A217,  ASTM A216,  ASTM A494.

Alloys with commercial denominations: Noridur, Norihard, Whorthite, Alloy 20, Carpenter 20, Monell K, Hastelloy C, Permalloy, Durco D10, Stellite 6, Niquel 200, Antinic, Alloys to silicon for sulfuric acid and all type of alloys able to obtain themselves by means of furnaces to induction of average frequency.